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LOCAL: (San Luis Obispo) City Council in Paso Robles votes for ban

An article from the San Luis Obispo Tribune details City Council election in Paso Robles:

City Council Election to ban vehicles from river:

Council members voted, approving a ban on the activity in city limits. Public debate churned Tuesday night between supporters of continued off-roading on open space in Paso Robles and critics who say it is noisy, dusty and brings fire hazards.


SLO City Council Election

Jeff Aranguena, John Ashbaugh, Kevin Rice, Dan Carpenter

City council candidates in SLO--Jeff Aranguena, John Ashbaugh, Kevin Rice, Dan Carpenter--spoke at a 2012 election forum: SLO Chamber City Council Forum.

Many of the candidates expressed concern over the renewal of Measure Y, an eight-year tax increase approved by voters in 2006, which will sunset on March 31, 2015. The added sales tax brings about $5.3 million annually to city coffers. Kevin Rice supports putting the issue on the 2014 ballot for voters to decide, but feels the city has two more years to set a good track record for spending. Jeff Aranguena said he would support it only if the city could find a way to be more transparent about its spending of that money. Dan Carpenter said he would consider supporting a specific tax — which would define specific areas where the money could be spent — but require a two-thirds majority vote to pass. Rice agreed. John Ashbaugh said he supports renewing it.