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Aprilia LionOwner/Service Manuals

If anyone can provide any manuals, technical notes, or anything missing below, please contact me. —Kevin


Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual
English 2006 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 10 MB
Deutsche 2006 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 14 MB
Espanol 2006 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 10 MB
Francaise 2006 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 9 MB
Italiano 2006 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 9 MB
Japanese 2006 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 9 MB


Minibook—Use+Maintenance Book/Owner's Guide

Minibook cover
USA (p/n 9100652) May 2006
Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 12.7 MB


Warranty+Service Book (scanned by SLORider)

Warranty+Service Book cover


Marzocchi Forks Manual
Sachs Shock Brochure

Engine Workshop Manual (SXV RXV 450-550)

Engine Workshop Manual

Spare Parts & Accessories Catalogue/Exploded Diagrams

Spare Parts Catalogue
Spare Parts Catalogue
Rev. 2007-Feb-08
Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 1.7 MB
Special Tools "Z" Off-Road
Rev. 2006-Oct-27
Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 99 KB

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Aprilia LionTechnical Notes

  • 003-2006 2006-03-06 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 11 KB
    Technical information update
    • Full Power Version—conversion to "Full power" version
    • Vehicle Speed—Axone software
    • Fall Sensor—inadvisable to remove
    • Battery—550 cc models have YTZ 10S battery
    • Miscellaneous—oil change, crankcase coupling screws, oil accumulation in filter box
    • Accessories—RXV racing headlight, tail-light, number-plate holder

  • 007-2006 2006-04-11 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 13 KB
    Inspection of Magneto Flywheel to verify correct tightening torque

  • 008-2006 2006-04-14 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 16 KB
    New AXONE software version 5.0.7 for new RXV - SXV mapping

  • 012-2006 2006-06-12 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 27 KB
    Correct procedure for engine and gearbox oil level check/top-up.
    Correct oil filter cap tightening torque.
    Engine serial numbers with verified flywheel fastening.

  • 002-2006 USA 2006-09-14 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 268 KB (scan)
    Engine Oil

  • 004-2006 USA 2006-10-02 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 423 KB (scan)
    Oil overflowing from airbox/gearbox becoming overfilled
    Non-Aprilia replacement oil seals: Nitrile Viton (Thanks cyborg!)

  • 027-2006 2006-11-15 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 208 KB
    New mappings and starter gear ratios

  • New!005-2007 2007-11-04 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 13 KB
    Instrument panel AP9100516

  • 012-2008 2008-07-23 Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 19 KB
    No speed display on instrument panel

Arilia LionOutstanding Aprilia Dealers

I created this listing to give recognition to Aprilia Dealers that in some way have demonstrated outstanding customer support, mechanical skill, or commitment to parts availability. I cannot guarantee your experience with any dealer, but please contact me with any outstanding dealers you'd like recognized or information about a dealer you think should be removed from this list. Owners everywhere need to know where they can get good service and expertise!