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Trip Preparation

Here are some tips to help you plan for a riding trip including things to bring.

Planning Considerations

  • Many riding areas are remote and far from services. If you're lucky there is a porta-potty.
  • You need to check the weather forecast before leaving and prepare for ANY POSSIBILITY—hot, cold, rain, wind, etc.
  • Plan carefully what you will need and make a checklist! Once you're there it's too late to find out you forgot your helmet!!!
  • Keep your checklist (on your computer is good) and refine it each trip.

Here's an INCOMPLETE list of things to bring:

Group Rides (Everyone's Responsibility)

  • one bundle of firewood for the camp fire
  • be self-sufficient (borrowing from others, unless you've planned in advance, is not courteous)


  • Gasoline for entire trip. (Don't be a mooch! Bring enough fuel!) Top-off your fuel tank, gas jugs (and mix your pre-mix) ahead of time. Don't make everyone wait while you fuel up for the first ride!
  • Tools/spare parts you might need for your equipment
  • Tube/patch kit/air
  • Riding gear (don't forget!)
  • First aid (gauze, tape, strech bandage, scissors, sting kit)
  • Knife/duct tape/baling wire/etc. (always handy)


  • Lots of extra (dry) socks/underwear/t-shirts
  • Warm weather: loose comfy shorts/shirts
  • Cold weather/possibility of rain: jacket, long shirts, sweats
  • Hat for sun or rain
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunshades
  • Comfy camp shoes (suitable for dirt and deep sand)


PLEASE bring enough HEALTHY food to provide nutrition for the entire trip—you will be riding HARD!! Snacks or beer or whatever is okay, too, but these are not your main course.

  • WATER WATER WATER (2-1/2 gal per person should last two days)
  • PLEASE PLEASE put some good energy bars in your back pack so you can re-energize during long group rides without returning to camp
  • dish soap/scrubber or sponge
  • at least one cup, one bowl, one plate & utensils
  • napkins/paper towels
  • ice chest packed with food
  • ice (the weather will most likely be moderate so one or two bags of ice should be plenty)
  • items not requiring cooking are best for breakfast and lunch: cold cereal, milk, deli sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, granola bars
  • healthy juice or cold drinks from the cooler are great during breaks
  • someone MAY or MAY NOT have a grill -- it's best to bring your own, otherwise ASK (it's courtesy to supply the propane if someone else has to take home and clean your food off their grill)
  • a BBQ grille or pot can be put on the fire for cooking in
  • you'll appreciate a hot meal for dinner (especially if it's cold out)
  • beer/wine is good for socializing around the fire at night


  • WATER WATER WATER!!! (you will need for shower/washing)
  • camp shower or wash cloth
  • towel (or use paper towels)
  • soap
  • toothbrush
  • T.P.
  • TRASH BAG!!!!!!


  • Whatever pleases you. You should be prepared to sleep in your vehicle in case of rain unless you're confident that it won't rain! (a tarp over a pickup truck bed makes a reasonable tent.)


  • Camp chair (for sitting around the fire) -- remember we're in the sand, there's no rocks to sit on! I may have an extra chair or two, but you need to ask or I won't bring it
  • B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Shade) -- unless you know there are trees, count on sitting in the hot sun all day! A pop-up shelter is luxury!
  • Camera
  • Cash (park entrance fees, plus you'll need gas/food money)
  • Flashlight
  • Matches and kindling

If there's something not on this list it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to think of it!