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Boosting Stator Output

There are many ways to increase your lighting coil output (the stator). Here are some possibilities:

Change Your Flywheel

TrailTech offers flywheels that have higher-strength magnets than the stock flywheel. This is advertised to boost stator output significantly. Additionally, TrailTech also offers a choice of flywheel weights so that you can reduce stalling and smooth out power delivery. Installation requires a relatively inexpensive flywheel puller tool, and possibly a new gasket.
TrailTech flywheel

AC to DC Stator Conversion

The stock KTM electrical system is AC (Alternating Current). Converting to DC (Direct Current) will boost electrical output. This modification requires soldering skills and addition of a rectifier.

Rewind Your Stator

Several vendors will rewind your stator to increase output. This process may require a conversion to DC. Your rewind will probably require less effort than the one shown below!

Stator rewind

Replace Your Stator

Electrex now offers a 210 watt three-phase output stator. Installation of this stator requires a three-phase rectifier and converts the bike to DC.

Electrex stator

Change Your Battery

An additional component to increasing your bike's electrical capability is your battery. KTM offers more than one size batter box and battery. See article, Battery Box Replacement for more information. Here is a comparison between two sizes of available batteries.

Larger battery