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Flag Holder Installation

In order to ride in many dunes areas, you'll need to mount a flag to your bike. Most 4-wheel ATVs come with the necessary 1/2-inch hole ready to accept a flag. However, if you're thinking of adding a flag to your motorcycle, you'll find there seems to be a lack of off-the-shelf products capable accomplishing this task. Worse, you'll soon realize there's scarcely a decent mounting location even if you fab your own hardware.

The only off-the-shelf solution I've seen is an angle bracket that bolts on to your rear axle and has the standard mold for a flag mount. However, the axle nut on the KTM is recessed and doesn't work with these brackets. Even if it did work, though, I don't like the idea of having the flag mounted on the swing arm where it jolts up-and-down. It seems much more logical to mount the flag behind the seat giving it more height, too.

Because I like a clean looking installation and the ability to quickly add and remove my flag I chose to use the HOLDIT! quick release ATV flag holder manufactured by Advance Engineering Technology in Salt Lake City, UT, (801) 973-9462. The HOLDIT! features spring-loaded push button that allows the flag to be instantly inserted or removed. It also has a rounded design which I liked because it eliminates the possibility of cuts to your clothing (or the rider!) if you happen to rub against it.

I ended up placing my flag holder just behind the rear seat. The flag holder protrudes cleanly between the tailpiece and right number plate. It protrudes slightly more than I'd like, but not so far as to be a potential source of injury to the rider. This location was the only one that I found acceptable. Mounting to the rear fender was out because (1) I did not want to drill my fender; (2) stresses from the flag could crack the fender; and, (3) the tire sometimes bottoms which would cause the tire to hit the flag mount.

Photo of installed flag holder

As you can see, no additional hardware is required to mount the flag holder bracket to the bike. It utilizes the same bolt as the exhaust silencer (although, I did have to replace it with a longer bolt!) The flag holder bracket is made from 1/4-inch aluminum stock. Its triangular shape keeps the flag holder level while resting on the top of the exhaust silencer. This design keeps the bracket from rotating and loosening.

Detail photo depicting flag holder bracket