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Battery Replacement

Installing a new battery is very simple. However, for the uninitiated, here is the procedure.

Fist, make certain to get a properly sized replacement battery. KTM offers more than one size of battery box and now might be the time upgrade to a larger battery box and battery! See article: Battery Box Replacement.

Comparison between two sizes of batteries.
Size comparison between two batteries

Battery Preparation

New battery.
New battery

Remove the foil air seal.
Removing air seal

Invert the acid container and press down into the battery to pierce the seal.
Adding acid

Wait for the acid to transfer into the battery.
Wait for acid to transfer

If needed, pierce the acid container with a pin to allow all of the acid to drain out.
Pierce acid container with a pin

Remove the acid container when empty.
Remove acid container when empty

Install the battery cap.
Install battery cap

Charge the battery. You should never use a car charger for a motorcycle battery as it provides too much curreent. The proper charging current is approximately 400 milliamps.
Charge the battery