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Aprilia LionSLORider's Aprilia RXV/SXV Tips

Here is my collection of tips for improving your RXV/SXV. This list is not conclusive; it's just the tips I like the best. Ideas are not necessarily mine, but I give credit if I know the origin.


RXV Rear Axle Threads Exposed: For dirt riding, the rear axle threads are way too exposed to rocks and damage:

Axle threads exposed

Purchasing a second axle nut cheaply solves the problem:

Double axle nuts cover threads

Torque it tightly or it will fall off! Mine fell off on a 24-mile ride and I thought it was history until it was amazingly found the next day right in camp!


RXV Front Tire: For dirt, replace the stock 90/90-21 front tire with a size 80/100-21 tire. The wider tire handles much better and reduces wash out. Recommend a Dunlop 756 or Maxxis IT. From orangerider, AF1 Forum.