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Aprilia RXV SXV 4.5 5.5 Oil Level/Oil Change

Oil Level Check

A common issue is overfilling the engine oil. Symptoms manifest when excess oil is sucked up by the crankcase breather tube and carried into the air box. To inspect for this problem open up the air box and remove the air filter. Probe down into the air box between the air intake bells with a long tool such as a screwdriver. Pooling of oil in this location is an indication of too much oil. From the air box, oil leaks down to the cylinders.

Easily confused, the instrumentation features both a red oil pressure warning lamp (Oil Pressure Warning Lamp) that illuminates when engine oil pressure is low; and, also a Oil Service Indicator (Oil Service Indicator) that appears on the odometer LCD when an oil change is due (factory set to a 13 hour operating interval).

To properly check engine oil level:

  1. Engine should be warm. Ride the vehicle for 10 to 15 minutes to bring the oil to operating temperature.
  2. Idle the engine with the vehicle at rest and level for at least 30 seconds, then stop the engine just prior to checking the level. The oil reservoir drains after some time into the engine sump when the engine is stopped producing a false low reading.
  3. The bike should be on a level surface with both wheels on the ground. Do not check oil level when the bike is on a stand.
  4. Keep the vehicle vertical (off the side stand). The oil level tube is opposite the side stand and will indicate lower when the bike is on the stand.
  5. Oil level should be no higher than about 10-15mm above the MINIMUM LEVEL MARK. Do not fill any higher than this.

To properly check gearbox oil level:

  1. Engine should be warm.
  2. Wait a few minutes for oil to drain from the gearbox to the clutch.
  3. Keep the vehicle vertical, with both wheels resting on the ground.
  4. Remove the rear brake lever by removing the fastening screw and washer.
  5. Remove the oil inspection plug just forward and above the right footpeg.
  6. Oil level is correct when it just reaches the inspection hole.

Oil Change

Oil Reservoir

Oil Reservoir Drain

Drain the oil reservoir tank in addition to the engine sump. If you fail to do this, used oil will remain in the system and you will risk accidental overfill.