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Cockpit Display Programming SXV/RXV 450/550

Cockpit display (all on test)
Photo: e46mthree

The cockpit display has many features that can be programmed:

  • Activating/Deactivating individual features (rpm, avg. speed, lap)
  • Oil oil can & Service indicator reset and interval
  • Service wrench indicator
  • Selecting Mph or Km/h

The following document (in German) is the source for this page: Anleitung Deutsch "Guidance German" Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF 152 KB. Translation by SLORider and Google Language Tools. The original was obtained from Aprilia-SXV Forum.

Technical information Aprilia SXV & RXV 450/550

Activating/Deactivating Display of Individual Functions

SCROLL button Cockpit display
Photos: SLORider

Numerous functions are available from the cockpit display and can be rotated through using the SCROLL button located on the left handle grip or the black MODE button on the display itself located under the neutral gear indicator.

  • rpm
  • AVS
  • Trip
  • ODO
  • Max speed
  • Lap timer stage 1
  • Lap timer stage 2

The availability of each function can be activated or deleted by the following procedure:

Scroll button / WS indicator

  1. Start engine (you may stop the engine immediately if you like, but you must leave the ignition on so the headlight is operating).
  2. Press and hold the black MODE button (see Fig. 1) located under the neutral indicator.
  3. Continue holding the button approximately 10 seconds until "WS" appears in the display (see Fig. 2).
  4. While still holding the button flash the high-beam five times (using either the flash button or the high/low beam selector switch). A moment after you complete this step the "WS" indicator will blink off, then on again.
  5. Release button.

Service resetting & settings

The following settings can be changed at the cockpit and/or again adjusted:

  1. Setting between Supermoto and Enduro (different wheel sizes)
  2. Setting between miles and km/h
  3. Service interval (with approx. 1,000 km/Service “1”)
  4. Service interval attitude of the 5,000-km-Service
    1. Setting between Supermoto and Enduro
    2. Depress the SCROLL button (Fig. 1) and at the same time turn the ignition key to the on position. Continue to press the SCROLL button. After approximately 7 seconds, "WS" (Fig. 2) appears in the display. While continuing to depress the SCROLL button the headlight flasher must be operated five times (5x). At this point the SCROLL button may be released. The display should flash a code (Fig. 3) either "0001" (Supermoto) or "0002" (Enduro). A quick press and release of the SCROLL button will alternate between the two values. After the correct value is obtained, press and hold the SCROLL button for approximately 5 seconds until "WS" blinks. Release the SCROLL button and "cu" (Fig. 4) now appears. Scroll button WS display 0001 cod cu

      The following settings can be examined but should not be changed by further pressing the SCROLL button to continue further:

      • "ln" (wheel size)
        ln (wheel extent)
      • "di" (wheel diameter)
        di (wheel diameter)
      • "speed HALL" (wheel Hall sensor impulse)
        speed HALL (wheel impulse)
      • "rpm HALL" (rpm Hall sensor impulse)
        rpm HALL (rpm impulse)
      • "rpm max" (switching lightning)

    3. Selecting between miles (Mph) and Km/h
    4. Additionally pressing the SCROLL button selects between Mph and Km/h. Hold the SCROLL button approximately 5 seconds to confirm the selection at which point either Mph or Km/h flashes.

      Mph / Km/h

    5. Setting the service announcement indicator 1,000 km oil can
    6. The “oil can” service indicator appears after 13 operational hours has been reached at which point the vehicle is due for its first inspection and service at the shop. This indicator appears at approximately 700 Km, but earlier if the vehicle is used in city (slower) traffic. The indicator must be reset (switched off) after service as follows: Enter the programming mode as described above and continue to press the SCROLL button until the “oil can” oil can indicator appears.

      Now, the SCROLL button must be depressed for approximately 5 seconds, after which "NO" flashes on the display. Subsequently depressing the SCROLL button alternates between "YES" and "NO". Select "YES" (if the service was accomplished) and confirm by holding the SCROLL button for approximately 5 seconds. Now, the factory setting "0013" flashes. Each digit flashes separately (first the 0, then the 1, and last 3). When each individual digit flashes, depressing the SCROLL button advances the number. If the SCROLL button is not used for more than 5 seconds, programming moves to the next digit. Entering an hourly interval of "000" causes this function to be disabled and the oil can indicator is no longer shown in the display.

      Oil can announcement interval (hours)

    7. Setting the service announcement indicator 5,000 km wrench
    8. This announcement does not occur on an hours of operation basis, but by odometer reading. On the display a wrench symbol appears informing the user the 5,000 Km service is due. Once service is accomplished the indicator must be cleared. As described previously, enter the programming mode and depress the SCROLL button repeatedly until the wrench symbol (Fig. 12) appears. Now, hold the SCROLL button for approximately 5 seconds until "NO" flashes on the display. Press the SCROLL button repeatedly to alternate between "YES" and "NO". If the service was performed. select "YES" and confirm the selection by depressing the SCROLL button for approximately 5 seconds. Now the display shows "Km/h" (Fig. 13), which must again be confirmed by pressing the SCROLL button for approximately 5 seconds. Subsequently, the display flashes "5000" which is the interval until the next service is due. Note, this is the service interval and not the odometer reading, so by keeping the programmed 5,000 Km setting the next service will be announced at 10,000 Km.

      Service announcement / Service interval (km)

      Pressing the SCROLL button once more causes "END" to appear in the display. When finished programming the ignition may be switched off.

      All changes are stored automatically. When programming, the small "WS" always appears in the lower right corner of the display (Fig. 2).

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