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Aprilia LionCommon RXV/SXV Issues

There are many things to go wrong with a new bike, but here are some of the common problems Aprilia RXV/SXV owners are having. Inspect your bike closely!

The first part you will break on your new RXV/SXV is likely to be a rear turn indicator:

Broken turn indicator

One fix is simply to wrap the break with black vinyl electrical tape or cloth tape:

Broken turn indicator repaired with tape
Photo: cyborg

Another fix, below, shows inserting a wood or drywall screw to repair the break:

Broken turn indicator repaired with drywall screw
Photo: rxv

Here, the chain is rubbing and causing damage to the chain glide fastener:

Chain rubbing on chain glide screw causing damage
Photo: rxv

It is common for the fuel tank to leak:

Leak from fuel tank

Apparently, the Acerbis fuel tank is not always molded flat where the fuel pump mounts:

Leak from fuel tank

A failed attempt to seal the leak. This owner eventually got a brand new tank under warranty.

Leak from fuel tank
Photo: yellow.speedy

On my bike, the horn wiring seemed improperly stretched around the upper radiator hose:

Improper horn wiring

Re-routing the horn wiring fixes the problem:

Horn wiring fixed

If the battery cables point forward it may interfere with the ability to lift up the fuel tank. Here, I have re-aligned my battery cables to point inward and correct the problem:

Correct battery wiring

One individual reported the crankcase vent was routed inside the countersprocket guard and rubbing on the chain causing an ungly oil leak!

Misrouted crankcase vent hose causes oil leak
Photo: cyborg

Here is the proper crankcase vent hose routing:

Proper crankcase vent hose routing