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Me in Utah

Hi! SLORider is my website containing all things about dirt riding that I find the time to post! I am Kevin Rice in San Luis Obispo (SLO) and I also like attending local San Luis Obispo City Council meetings and watching elections!

Here, you will find manuals, tech articles and literature for KTM RFS models and the Suzuki DR-Z400. Mostly, though, you will find pictures and videos of many of my rides.

I currently ride a 2007 Aprilia RXV 550 V-Twin! Before that was a 2004 KTM 525 EX/C. My first ride was a 2001 Suzuki DR-Z400E. (See My Bikes.) At this site, you will find pictures of my bikes, rides I have been on with my friends, technical information and photos and places I like to ride.

Motorcycle Batteries

Motorcycle Batteries always seem to be a sore subject for riders. Riders know batteries are always needing attention, charging, fiddling with cables (i.e., tightening, cleaning), or just plain replacement or an upgrade. The main problem—among many problems—is proper care. If you're not riding your motorcycle at least a couple times per week, then your battery needs to be put on a trickle charger such as the Battery Tender Junior so your battery doesn't just sit and rot! If that's already happened, it's time for replacement. Here is a Yuasa motorcycle battery size selector to help you find the right battery for your bike.

Street bike cafe racer

Street Bikes: Top 5 Motorcycle Upgrades in 2012

Just admit it: your motorcycle is lacking. Cruising through the streets on your ride just isn't the same anymore. You're probably yearning for that feeling you had when you first rode your bike off the lot. You also might be considering selling it and buying a new one to recapture that feeling. That's definitely an option, but it isn't the only one. These are five simple ways to upgrade your current motorcycle to give it that day one feel again. More information...

KTM X-Bow—KTM's first car


December 2006—What is this? A car from KTM? Why, yes! Motorbike manufacturer KTM will delve into the specialist world of track cars, and this two-seat, mid-engine X-Bow (read Crossbow) is the first attempt. Set to be unveiled at the Geneva motor show, it weighs less than 700kg and is endowed with an Audi-developed 2.0litre TFSI engine - pumping out 220bhp in standard tune and potentially 320bhp as an option. The engine will be mounted in front of the rear axle for even weight distribution. More information...

Aprilia RXV

Awesome! Aprilia RXV 550

November 2006—Italian bike-maker, Aprilia, has finally entered the US market with the simply amazing RXV enduro (and the SXV supermoto) featuring an incredible V-twin engine, fuel-injection and sexy styling sure to impress! Available in either 450 or 550 cc displacements this bike simply rocks. The RXV can be plated in 49 states and comes fully equipped with lighting and horn. Suspension and braking may be the best out there. Handling is quick. Power is fierce. Aprilia's Lion graphics will scare off the rest! See my pages dedicated to this crazy bike!

Tread Lightly! Media Member Gets Mention in Tread Lightly! Newsletter

October 2006—This month received a mention in the Fall 2006 Tread Lightly!® Newsletter. is a TreadLightly! Media Member and promotes responsible off-road recreation. New for TreadLightly! is the Online Awareness Course. The free 30-minute interactive course combines flash animation, audio voice-overs, hypothetical scenarios and quick quizzes to teach you the essentials of recreation ethics. Anyone who goes ATV riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling, or owns a four wheel drive vehicle or a personal watercraft should check it out. Land and water managers are also encouraged to use it in their educational programs.

2007 KTM 250XCF-W

2007 KTM Preview!

June 2006—KTM has released some preliminary information on its 2007 models, including the 2007 KTM 250XCF-W pictured to the left. Improvements include suspension improvements, machines wheel hubs, weight loss and more: Becomes Official Tread Lightly! Sponsor

February 2006—Tread Lightly!® is a nonprofit organization that strives to educate recreationists to minimize their impact in the outdoors. Specifically, Tread Lightly! focuses on the ethical use and enjoyment of motorized vehicles. "Our goal is to instill an ethic of responsibility in these recreationists to keep the great outdoors healthy, beautiful and accessible." supports Tread Lightly! in its mission for responsible recreation and promotes respect for other users of the outdoors, increased access to outdoor recreation, and preserving the outdoors for future use. More...

KTM 2006 ATV rendering

Enter the Quadtard?

Already greatly surpassing motorcycle sales in the US, the ATV market in Europe is only now gaining large popularity. After partnering with Polaris, KTM has now published a press release on their website with a rendition of their 2006 ATV. An article in ATV Magazine echoes the KTM release. Hailed as a "sport Quad" the renditions are invocative of KTM's two-wheeled supermoto cycles. This ATV from Europe, where Motard is king, begs the question, is this now the era of the Quadtard?